Cyber Assurance Services

Ensure consistent cybersecurity effectiveness with our Cyber Assurance Services. We’re committed to continuously validating and driving your cybersecurity measures, providing CISOs with accurate metrics of their organization’s cyber resilience. For enterprises lacking in-house CISO expertise, our virtual CISO service bridges the gap, while ‘CISO Assist’ offers dedicated technical assistance to organizations with existing CISOs.

  • CISO ASSIST: In today’s multifaceted cybersecurity landscape, discerning the effectiveness of various facets of an organization’s cyber strategy is paramount. CISO ASSIST is tailored for this very challenge. This service offers CISOs an illuminating Cybersecurity Heatmap, a lucid visualization that highlights what’s effectively functioning and what might be lagging in three pivotal areas:
  • Process Level: Dive deep into the operational aspect of cybersecurity. Ascertain where processes are fluid and where bottlenecks or vulnerabilities might exist.
  • Architectural Level: Assess the solidity and agility of the cybersecurity infrastructure, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the overarching organizational goals.
  • Controls Level: Scrutinize the specific mechanisms, protocols, and measures, determining which are at their optimal performance and which might require bolstering.


CISO ASSIST offers a bird’s-eye view while also zooming in on specifics, aiding CISOs in making data-driven, strategic decisions.

Managed Virtual CISO (MVCISO):The importance of the CISO role is undeniable.Ensuring even those organizations without an in-house CISO have access to top-tier expertise. Coupled with insights from CISO ASSIST, our virtual CISOs offer proactive and strategic cybersecurity leadership tailored for your specific needs.

Continuous Validation of Cyber Operations (CVCO):Ensuring cybersecurity controls are implemented is only half the battle. The real question is: are they working as they should? CVCO is a dedicated managed service offering that consistently assesses both preventive and detective controls for their efficiency. By continually scrutinizing these controls, CVCO offers a tangible measure of the ROI on your cybersecurity technologies. It’s not just about having the tools but ensuring they work in real-world scenarios. With CVCO, you’re not only shielded but also constantly informed about the performance and efficacy of your cyber defenses.

Customer Advantage:

  • Strategic Insights: With tools like the Cybersecurity Heatmap, decision-makers are equipped with actionable intelligence, ensuring a more informed, strategic approach to cybersecurity.
  • Cost-Effective Leadership: MVCISO provides the expertise of a top-tier CISO without the associated overheads of a full-time position, making it a cost-effective solution for expert leadership.
  • Tangible ROI: With CVCO, organizations aren’t left in the dark post-implementation. They receive consistent feedback on their cybersecurity investments’ performance, ensuring transparency and value.
  • Tailored Expertise: Our services are not one-size-fits-all. They’re tailored to fit the unique requirements and challenges of each organization, ensuring that solutions are always relevant.
  • Proactive Approach: Our services don’t just react to threats; they anticipate them. By continuously validating and refining protocols, we ensure that defenses are always a step ahead.
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